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Teaching The Children of Willesden Lane:

Student presenting her painting
Student presenting her painting at Fultondale Day High School, Birmingham

Student paintingNaila Calderon; artist,
Shades Valley High School
Mona with studentsMona meeting with  students at
J. H. Phillips Academy

Student presenting drawing
Fultondale Day High School student with his drawing; Chris Campbell, teacher
Birmingham, Alabama: April 2014

Mona Golabek and Hold on To Your Music, through the support of the Righteous Persons Foundation, partnered with the Birmingham Holocaust Education Center to bring The Children of Willesden Lane, her mother's story, to students in Birmingham April 21 to 25, 2014. 

High Schools that participated in the program included Fultondale Day High School, J. H. Phillips Academy, Mortimer Jordan High School, NE Miles Jewish Day School, Ramsey High School, Shades Valley High School, and Tarrant High School. 

Students read and studied the book and then attended Mona's performances at the magnificent Samford University. Students also created wonderful poems, short stories and artwork around the messages of the book. 

Mona met with many of these students in their classrooms and had the opportunity to talk with them, hear their stories, and how The Children of Willesden Lane impacted their hearts and thoughts. The visit to Birmingham was captured on film and will be part of the larger documentary around The Children of Willesden Lane.


Mona read the following poem by Anton Hall, (Ramsay High School, English 9, Mrs. Heath, teacher) at the special remembrance concert for Yom Ha'Shoah, at Samford University.

The poem was part of the many poems, essays, art projects created by the students as they studied the book.

Play Though the Pain
Listen to her music flow,
Look for what her tears show;
Lights shine in the piano’s gloss,
A memory of her greatest loss;
A beautiful melody,
A perfect tone,
Never had she felt more alone;
Here is where her head dropped,
Here is where the tune stopped;
But, up again her head rose,
Higher as the music flowed;
Lights twinkle in the gloss,
She plays through her terrible loss;
Look for what her tears show,
Listen to her music flow.

Anton Hall, Ramsay High School
English 9
Mrs. Heath

Mona with studentsMona visits Shades Valley High school; Amy McDonald, teacher

Mona at J. H. Phillips Academy; Tamera Carter, teacher


Thank you to the great students and teachers, the community of Birmingham,
and Ann Mollengarden of the Birmingham Holocaust Education Center 
for memories we will cherish forever. 


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